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CrossRoads Refrigeration

Our Services

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing services include but not limited to condenser coil, radiator, entire unit, engine bay, and trailer washout.

Major Repairs

Including starters, gearboxes, alternators, water pumps, refrigeration components, microprocessors, compressor replacement, compressor shaft seals and valve plate assemblies, engine seals, generator replacement, and condenser coil replacement.

Routine Maintenance

Oil and all filter replacement, belt replacement and adjustment, and complete unit diagnostics.

Welding Services

Light duty steel welding and fabricating.

Refrigerant Capacity

We'll verify refrigerant level and capacity, and repair any leaks as necessary to bring your cooling capacity to factory specs.


Soldering services include refrigeration plumbing and component replacement, electrical and connections, and battery terminals.

Parts Sales

Just looking to buy parts for your equipment? We offer a wide range of OEM and aftermarket parts from alternators, starters, batteries, belts, filters, temperature sensors, gaskets, engine mounts, microprocessors, gearboxes, fanshafts, clutches, and much more!

More Information

CrossRoads Refrigeration handles all of your transport refrigeration needs from routine maintenance to major repairs.





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